I'm not sure I really know what to do.

Keep Jesus from eating too much.

Could you just please answer the question? We don't have all day.

We are having a nice time in Rome.

Seenu grabbed his knife and cut the rope.

Nine million people voted in the election.

That's one of my favorite songs.

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Sorry for being so late.

You scared me, Robert!

Philosophy is not so difficult a subject as you imagine it is.

Are there any movie theaters near here?

I went over to where Drew was.

I can't stop hiccuping.

I can't talk right now. I need to go.

When it comes to staying young, a mind-lift beats a face-lift any day.

She crossed my name off the list but not yours.

Are you sure you feel OK?

Apocryphal stories are the most fun variety of bullshit.


How long has Afonso lived there?

I always hitchhike.

Yoko went shopping yesterday.


Way off in the distance she could see the lights of the city.


The authoritarian manager rewards sycophants and punishes anyone who suggests possible improvements to practices and procedures.

I need to end this now.

What a brilliant idea!

That's just a shot in the dark. How do you think you'll succeed by just acting on the spur of the moment like that?

The noise disturbs me.


You're done working, aren't you?

I can't wait anymore.

Duke is the tallest in his class.

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He is paid a handsome monthly salary.

Rick said he had to go somewhere.

The washing machine is on "stop".


This is also rather short.

My uncle is taking English at university.

There was a wreck on the highway.


If both you and your spouse are coming, please let me know.

I've been trying to find him.

We sang as we walked.

Sassan is going to be bummed.

In the end it is not possible to fully know somebody else.

The professor's speech was full of humor.

I told her it was a bad idea.

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Nowadays mobile phones are very popular.

He basically declares anyone who doesn't agree with him a Communist.

Let's do it one more time.

Knapper and John fell in love with the same girl.

Get your socks on fast. We're late!

I think that's her.

The company is struggling for survival.

You must live in the present, not in the past.

He will also go.


Lana gently closed the door.

You should cut off your connections with that group.

That should have never happened.


Don't insult him.

I'm 100% sure of my decision.

The rain kept the fire from spreading.


I just want to know what Elisabeth said.

Kathy rode his bicycle down a quiet residential street.

Are all doctors healthy?


Wendell is using an external hard drive.

I really miss you all.

Edith wrote this report by himself.


Racists are dumb people.


Will I manage to learn all the grammar topics in time for my German exam tomorrow?

He started the day with a good breakfast.

A girl asked Natraj to dance.

Reinhard lay on his bed and cried softly into his pillow.

I was amazed at the unexpected result.

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I danced all night long.

Per spent a lot of time upstairs.

Why haven't you told them to leave?

He tried to learn Greek, but soon got tired and gave it up.

Thanks for coming, guys! I'll see you tomorrow!

I've got a bum ticker: coronary artery disease.

I asked for his help.

I don't know them personally.

I finally realized that vampires exist.

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The glasses are in the glass cupboards.

A very large number of tourists visit Kyoto in the spring.

Do you get the idea?

Where's your car, Sally?

Gil dreaded having to spend another weekend with Lin.

He has made an about-face.

Stay here.

It's no secret.

The neighbor is walking her dog.

I now represent them.

How long has Ji been in Boston?

I told you I'd help.

An exomoon is a moon that orbits around an exoplanet.

Someone, tell him to get a life!

He battled his way out of the mob.


We are shearing the sheep.

Unfortunately it was a guy.

I haven't had too many problems yet.

Let's offer it to him.

The food in jail was better.

Ramanan was stung by a bee.

He never drinks without complaining about his son.

Dory owned a carpet store on Park Street.

Don't you understand what's at stake here?

The authenticity of the documents was checked before publishing them.

Tell Kit I'm ready.


She led a group of nuns called the Missionaries of Charity.


Now go on home.

Gigi loves the movie Frozen.

He was so angry he couldn't speak.


I got you something.

Hiroyuki has had plenty to drink already.

Eduardo is our enemy.

We use the same classroom for two different groups of students each day.

You should keep to the regulations.


It's not a question of tax allowance but of moral exhaustion.

Tell them it's important.

Music is one of those things that make us feel a little less alone in the world.

He is gone.

She pretty much keeps to herself.

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Tea, drunk from a new thermos, tastes a little metallic.

In particular, the endomorphism ring of M is a commutative local ring.

It wasn't helping.

Herbert was starving to death.

He had nothing to do with it.


This one is clean.


I thought it was strange that he didn't turn up.

Jerrie has really been looking forward to this.

She doesn't listen to music at all.

It seems that he is a promising youth.

The exit is on the right side of the direction of travel.

Lila is financially independent.

Thank you for giving this to me.


Everyone considers him to be honest.

These shoes are killing me.

Eduardo usually wears blue slippers around the house.

Stagger asked me to protect Allen.

Did you know that some foxes lived on this mountain?

Money begets money.

I really like this one.

She told her everything.

Is Bob right?

I know the feeling.

Thad's friend is getting married in Boston.

My brother works in France.

They used this table.


In short, I don't want you to work for that company.

I want to talk to the police.

How many smoke bombs still have to be thrown until the government actually succeeds in covering up the scandal?


Both are alive.

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A satisfied runner wanted to run a wheelbarrow run.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden.

I need you to tell me when you plan to arrive.

I'm going to see her tomorrow.

I'm not sure I can trust her.

Again? Not again!

We no longer need you.


Those who have never thought about the value of life should not study medicine.

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The Earth and the Solar System in which it is are located in the Orion Spur, not even a full, genuine Arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

I have a foreign object in my left ear.

There were times when Olivier wished he hadn't married Nelken.


Will you help me pack my suitcase?

A man of responsibility, he didn't leave the matter alone.

Can I leave it with you?

There's something weird happening.

Plagarism in America is strictly punished.

Victoria did the right thing for the wrong reasons.

He received a good education.